Our Farm

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The Property

Timeless Style: American architectural design that goes back nearly 200 years but somehow works with sequined curtains and a disco ball. A place where history is revered with irreverent design. A place where our parents can act like kids again.

. . . . .

Cristy Lee's Kitchen (damn fine cooking)

Bruyn Beasties (hangout with our tribe of ‘bloaty goaties’: Johnny, June and Cash)

The Broop = Bruyn Chicken Coop (say hello to 23 ladies each morning over a cup of joe)

Boozie Jacuzzi (a salt water dip with a glass of champagne, yes please!)

Bruyn Bandshell (outdoor karaoke equipped with disco ball, fog machine and neon lights)

The Great Fire-pit (large wood fire-pit under the stars)

Bruyn Drive In @ The Bandshell (3D 1080 quality moves on a ten foot screen)